User Rating

cPanel 11
No Ads
Use Own Domain or Subdomain
FTP Access
PHP, Lua, Python, Perl, Tcl, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
Cron Jobs Allowed

On average, every forum post is awarded 0.12 space dollars although this amount slightly varies depending on the quality of the post and the forum it is posted in.

Starter Package
Minimum 4 Posts & Daily requirement of 0.01 Space Dollars
100MB Free Web Space
1,500MB Monthly Bandwidth
4 MySQL Databases
Max 27 Mails/Hour

Mini Package
Minimum 10 Posts & Daily requirement of 0.02 Space Dollars
200MB Free Web Space
3,000MB Monthly Bandwidth
8 MySQL Databases
Max 74 Mails/Hour

Medium Package
Minimum 20 Posts & Daily requirement of 0.04 Space Dollars
500MB Free Web Space
7,500MB Monthly Bandwidth
16 MySQL Databases
Max 201 Mails/Hour

Monster Package
Minimum 50 Posts & Daily requirement of 0.08 Space Dollars
1,000MB Free Web Space
15,000MB Monthly Bandwidth
32 MySQL Databases
Max 546 Mails/Hour

Nova Package
Minimum 250 Posts & Daily requirement of 0.16 Space Dollars
2,000MB Free Web Space
30,000MB Monthly Bandwidth
64 MySQL Databases
Max 1484 Mails/Hour

User Rating

cPanel 11
Ad Placements Required on Every Page
Use Own Domain or Subdomain
PHP, Perl, CGI, Python, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, MySQLi, PostgreSQL, FrontPage Extensions
Cron Jobs Enabled

Personal Package
Text Linkback Required
300MB Free Web Space
5,000MB Monthly Bandwidth
2 Addon/Parked Domains
4 Subdomains
2 MySQL Databases
2 FTP Accounts
5 Email Accounts

Expert Package
Text Linkback and Ad Required
2,000MB Free Web Space
20,000MB Monthly Bandwidth
4 Addon/Parked Domains
10 Subdomains
5 MySQL Databases
10 FTP Accounts
10 Email Accounts

User Rating
250MB Free Web Space
Unmetered Monthly Bandwidth
cPanel 11
No Ads
Use Own Domain or Subdomain
Unlimited Addon/Parked Domains
Unlimited Subdomains
PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, Django, Java, Perl, SSI, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Unlimited Email Accounts (Allows Custom MX Records)
Cron Jobs Allowed